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Road adoptions on Elvetham Heath are ongoing.

View the Road Adoption map here.

Here is a list of the road which have been adopted on Elvetham Heath – as at 30 April 2018

EH Way to (& including) Turners Way roundabout
Mounts Way
Alfred Close
Bendeng close
Broomhurst Lane
Chawton Close
Chertsey Street
Chineham Close
Elphage Road
Elvetham Crescent (to No.22)
Falconer Road
Fullerton Close (part)
Giffard Lane
Harrow Road
Hartford Road
The Hundreds (East & West)
Hugh De Port Lane
The Key
King Henry Road
King John Street
Kingsley Square
Kingsworthy Road
Lasham Road (top part)
Marrow Meade (part after culvert)
Mount Street (Upper & Lower)
Paulet Close
Ravelin Close
Reynolds Street
Rykmansford Road
Stockbridge Road
Tadley Close
Tithing Road
Tunworth Close (private housing part)
Turgis Road (private housing part)
Turner’s Avenue
Turner’s Way
Upper Wield Drive
Waleron Road
West Tisted Close
Whitchurch Road
Whitewater Road
Winchfield Close
Wintney Street


View the Road Adoption map here.