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Frequently Asked Questions2017-07-11T11:11:09+00:00
Who is responsible for cutting the grass and hedges?2017-07-11T11:03:27+00:00

The Parish Council maintains most of the open spaces on the Heath (with the exception of the Nature Reserve which is maintained by Hart District Council). In 2015, the County council granted the parish a licence to maintain the highway verges, hedges & roundabouts on adopted road. The Parish Council employs a contractor to carry out this work and we have a dedicated two-man team who work their way around the whole parish. Where grass or shrubs are on unadopted roads, they are still the responsibility of the developer but in time responsibility will switch to the parish.

Potholes – who is responsible for road repairs?2017-07-12T09:16:28+00:00

Highways are generally the responsibility of the County Council. However, on Elvetham Heath not all roads which should come under the county have been adopted. Where a road is adopted, potholes can be reported directly to the county council via its website or via fix my street.  On the unadopted roads, the responsibility falls to the relevant developer.  To find out which roads are adopted view our Road adoptions document. Elvetham Heath Way is currently only partially adopted but it is scheduled to be fully adopted before the winter 2017.

How do I report a faulty street light?2017-07-11T11:00:51+00:00

The majority of street lights on Elvetham Heath are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council – this is true for all adopted roads & the length of Elvetham Heath Way. Faults can be reported via the Hampshire County Council website or via fix my street. You will need to know the light column number to report a fault.

On unadopted roads, the responsibility for the lights rests with the developer and any faults should be reported to the Parish Council office. Staff will then forward the information to the relevant developer. A list of adopted roads can be found here and it is hoped that all roads on Elvetham Heath will be adopted in the next year.

Street lights in the Key Centre car park, along the footpath across the green, in the Turner’s Way Car Park and along the cycle path from St Swithin’s Road towards the nature reserve are the responsibility of the Parish Council and any faults should be reported to the Parish Council office.

How do I book a tennis court?2017-07-11T10:55:22+00:00

The 3 tennis courts at the Key are available to hire at £5 per court per hour. On Monday and Thursday evenings they are used for netball and between 3-5pm weekdays are reserved for the school. At all other times they can be booked as follows:

  • For weekday bookings please call the Parish Council Office on 01252 819204 and arrangements can be made.
  • At weekends, please visit the bookings page of the website. Hour long slots are available online and by clicking on your preferred time you will be taken through a booking form and directed to Paypal where you can pay by credit or debit card. Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with a code to open the tennis court gate.
How do I report a problem with a tree?2017-07-13T09:23:43+00:00

This depends upon who owns the land. Trees on parish owned land can be reported to the Parish Council Office and will be covered by the Tree Management Policy. Trees on the adopted highway are maintained by Hart District Council on behalf of the County Council and can be reported to

What does a Parish Councillor do and how do I become one?2017-07-11T10:50:39+00:00

Parish Councillors are elected representatives who volunteer their time freely to work on behalf of local residents. Individuals may also be co-opted at the discretion of the council if a vacancy arises during the council’s term.

Elvetham Heath Parish Council has 7 members who are elected every 4 years.  They are supported by the Parish Clerk and 2 other members of staff.

As part of the Parish Council you will have responsibility for managing local services and amenities such as the Key Centre, tennis courts, play areas and open spaces.  You will help to make decisions regarding the finances involved in delivering those local services.

As with anything, what you get out of being a Parish Councillor will depend on what you are able to put in. How much time you are able to commit is largely down to the individual and what level of involvement you are hoping for. As a minimum, you would be expected to attend the monthly Parish Council meetings held one evening per month.

The best way to discover if being an Elvetham Heath Parish Councillor is right for you is to come along to one of our meetings, meet the team and see us in action. Alternatively feel free to contact any of the Parish Councillors. To register an interest in joining the council, please contact our clerk Jan Hyatt –

You can put yourself forward for election – the next election will take place in May 2018.  Alternatively, check the website to see whether a casual vacancy has arisen between elections.  These may result in a by-election but more usually the council co-opts to fill the vacancy.