Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve

Included in the development of Elvetham Heath was the creation of a 48-acre nature reserve. Work took place during 2001 and 2002 to create and enhance habitats such as heath and marsh land where valuable wildlife communities can develop over the longer term. The reserve is both an ecological resource and an amenity for residents and opened to the public in spring 2002. Public access through the reserve is via a series of clearly marked paths providing shortand long circular walks and taking visitors through all of the main habitat types.

The associated birds, animals and plants can be identified with the aid of helpful interpretation boards. Visitors are requested to keep to the paths. At the entrance to the nature reserve is Turners Pond.

Hart District Council are responsible for The Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve.

Elvetham Heath Pond
Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve Pond
Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve Walk